Q - What is BSTN?

A - BSTN stands for Boardman Schools Television Network. We are a student-run program at Boardman High School. We specialize in a number of different things involving film and promotional media for the Boardman Local School District. We teach our students how to create fictional and nonfictional media. We also let kids express themselves by letting them create and produce their own shows and films.

Q - Are you still on cable?

A - No. We used to be on channel 204 with Armstrong but, as of 2022, we have cut ties with our cable provider. You can access our content on YouTube.

Q - How will I know when BSTN will be live streaming an event?

A - At least a day before the event we will make a post on our YouTube channel "BSTN TV" which will state what the event is and when the live-stream will start. We will also place upcoming events on the homepage of this website.

Q - How can I watch a live-stream from BSTN?

A - If we are live-streaming at that particular moment, all you would need to do is go to our YouTube channel "BSTN TV" and it should be the first thing that pops up.

Q - What is an upcoming stream?

A - At least 12 hours before an event, we will create an upcoming stream post. This will let you know what event we are streaming, the day that we are streaming, and the time that we expect it will start. If you go onto this post, and the stream starts, it will automatically show you the stream.

Q - The upcoming stream post says that the stream should have started, why don't I see it?

A - This could be for a multitude of reasons. The first is that the event didn't start when we predicted so we have to wait to live-stream. We could also be having technical issues. or it could, but most likely wouldn't be, a problem with you system.

Q - How will I know which events BSTN will record?

A - For right now, we only record certain sports and certain events. The best way to know is to look for an upcoming stream post on our YouTube channel 12 hours before the supposed event. You can also assume that we record most musical performances and if we have filmed a previous game of a particular sport we will most likely film the next.

Q - What events do you record as of now?

A - We film all school ceremonial, musical and drama performances in the BPAC. We also film events like Mr. Spartan, YES Fest, and Promenade. We also film all pep assemblies. For sports we film all football, boys soccer, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, track and field, and lacrosse. We will also try to film all of the senior nights for other sports but we may not be able to record it.


Q - Who films the events?

A - It is all done by the students of Boardman High School. The teacher only help advise the students.


Q - I'm trying to find a taping of an event from years ago (let's say 2004), is there a way of getting that?

A - It will not be on YouTube because YouTube did not exist in 2004. As of right now we are working on creating a digital archive, you can access it with the link at the bottom of this page.


Q - How do I join BSTN?

A - You must be a student of Boardman High School and you must sign up for a BSTN class, you can check your student handbook for which classes you are eligible to enroll in.


Q - What are the classes?

Digital Video Productions

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12; both semesters, 1 credit,
Prerequisite: C or Higher if previously taken.
                         This does not count as a fine art credit.


This advanced workshop style course will focus on the art and technology of digital video production. Students will produce videos such as documentaries, short films, parodies, satires, and other similar projects. Students will be responsible for cameras, live editing, audio editing, lighting, video networking, and hardware maintenance. Students will use professional equipment for projects and events and be a part of large productions watched by the community. Five hours worth of outside recording each nine weeks will be required for school events. These events may include music concerts, drama shows, sports, etc. A small team will also be selected to run the Jumbo Tron at Spartan Stadium.

Broadcast Journalism

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12; both semesters, 1 credit,
Prerequisite: C or higher if previously taken.
                          This does not count as a fine art credit.

In this fast paced course, students will work as a team to produce broadcast news segments for both the closed circuit system within the high school as well as the cable access system, Channel 204 (community programming), and YouTube. From this course, students will learn how to do the following:  dress for interviews and newscasts, speak on camera, write a news script, practice interview skills, and produce basic news stories.  Students will be required to participate in all aspects of production, both on and off camera, which will include anchoring, reporting, research, script writing, video editing, ad-libbing, as well as the care and operation of equipment.  After school filmings will be required to film stories and interviews.

Advanced Digital Video Productions

Grades 10, 11, 12; both semesters, 1 credit,
Prerequisite: Digital Video Productions or Broadcast Journalism for at least 1 year, qualification audition

                         This does not count as a fine art credit.

This course is built for students who have previously taken either Digital Video Productions or Broadcast Journalism and excel in the field. This class focuses on real life application of technical and artistic skills that go beyond the beginner and intermediate levels. We will focus on the advanced technical and artistic skills of production and broadcast. This class will also be in charge of running after school events and organizing student run productions. 

Everyday Filmmaking and Media


Grades 9, 10, 11, 12; one semester, .5 credit,
Prerequisite: None
                         This does not count as a fine art credit.


In this introductory course, students will study the elements of filmmaking and media for everyday use. This may include producing slideshow DVD’s of family events, social media video production, video editing with iMovie, studying movies and filmmaking techniques, etc. Students will be able to utilize the software to create their own short videos and projects. Student learning will also focus on gaining a deeper understanding for movie/film techniques and cinematography.